Olly & Ko: passion for unique design with a sustainable misson

Olly & Ko creates bags, cushions and accessoires of used denim and shirts. As a result every item is sustainable and unique. When having an Olly & Ko, you'll for certain have something no one else has!

The Olly & Ko brand stands for sustainability, upcycling and recycling on one hand and authenticity and Dutch thoroughness on the other. Items are made as much as possible of end life materials, which otherwise would have been thrown away as waste.

Do you know that the textile industry is the second most polluting industry in the world? By reusing clothes we fight against this pollution and together we will make the world a better place.

Behind the scenes

My name is Ester Versloot, aged 47, and mother of two grown-up girls. I love to design and create ever since I was little. My mother is my rolemodel: she was a true artist with needle and thread. Her speciality was to make teddy bears, you know, those authentic ones that have swifal plates as joints. Absolutely amazing!

As soon as my mother gave me a piece of fabric, I used to create anything of it that came to mind, such as doll clothing, small stuffed animals, blankets, etcetera. As a result my hobby was arised: to create something new out of old fabric and clothing.

A couple of years ago I learned how to make bags by studying and by doing a lot of practice. Besides that, I continued to make other items, such as cushions and accessoires. For me it is a magical and grateful process to transform an old garnment into something completely new.

Finally, this has grown to the Olly & Ko label. Through Olly & Ko I can combine my passion for unique design with a mission to create a more sustainable world!





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